7 Signs of Foundation Problems in Your Home

Foundation problems in Rhode Island can be scary. Here are the warning signs to look out for.

Foundation problems in most homes go unnoticed until they become severe. Therefore, as a homeowner, you must know about common foundation issues and how to detect them. Other times, it could just be your home settling.

However, detecting foundation problems isn’t difficult. Read on to find some common signs of foundation issues so you can schedule foundation repair in Rhode Island as soon as you notice them:


1. Bouncing Floors

Spongy floors are a blatant and easy-to-detect sign of termite damage in floor beams. The reason leading to termite damage can be moisture build-up or poor structural design. Either way, this is a sign your feet cannot ignore.

2. Cracks in Exterior Wall

Another easy-to-notice sign of foundation issues is the presence of cracks in the exterior wall. Depending on the direction of cracks, i.e., vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, your home’s foundation could suffer from various problems. The causes for these problems can vary from poor structural designs to water damage.

3. Weed Growth near Foundation

The growth of a week near a home’s foundation indicated excess moisture. While weeds in the backyard or front yard are not a cause of concern, excess weed growth near the foundation can lead to multiple problems.

4. Uneven Floors

Uneven floors signify various possible foundation problems, such as poor structural design, careless settlement, use of substandard materials, and water or termite damage. You can quickly notice this sign by spilling water on the floor and seeing the direction in which it slides. If the water slides in one direction, the floor is not even.

5. Cracks in Floor Tiles

Just as wooden floors, floor tiles can also indicate foundation issues. Floor tiles get cracked when the foundation underneath them becomes weak. Since tiles are mainly used for flooring bathrooms and kitchens, cracked floor tiles often indicate water damage in the foundation.

6. Problems with Door and Window

Issues with doors and windows are another clear sign of foundation problems in Rhode Island. Doors and windows tend to pull away when the foundation structure experiences changes or becomes weaker. This leads to door and window frames sticking out of the wall or getting cracks and gaps.

If you are unsure how to inspect door and window frames, pay attention to how the doors and windows close. If they stick out or there are gaps in their frames despite them being closed, your home likely has foundation problems.

7. Foundation Problems? Peeling Paint or Wallpaper

Excess moisture in walls often leads to cracks or paint and wallpaper peeling. Hence, it is a sign of severe wall damage that has spread to the foundation. Cracking of drywall also indicates a weak foundation underneath.

What To Do Once You Detect Foundation Issues?

Foundation problems in Rhode Island can be tricky and can lead to the complete collapse of your home structure. Therefore, they must be immediately controlled and repaired. However, repairing foundation issues is challenging and must not be attempted as a DIY project.

If you ever detect foundation issues contact a professional to help. Only a professional can discover the root cause of the issues and the extent of damage and devise a detailed repair plan.