Warning Signs of Foundation Issues

Signs of foundation issues are far from invisible. However, many homeowners don’t take them seriously until it’s too late. As a homeowner, you can save your home’s value and your money by ensuring any foundation problem that occurs is repaired immediately.

Keep an eye out to detect the following signs of foundation issues in your home:

Wide Wall Cracks

Small cracks in walls can occur for various minor problems, such as chipped paint or forceful contact. However, wide wall cracks are a clear indication of foundation problems. Wall cracks as wide as one-eighth of an inch or wider only occur due to changes in foundational structure.

Floor Cracks

Cracked floor boards and tiles also point at issues underneath them. Foundation issues cause it to get weaker, making floor tiles and wooden boards easily crack due to weight. Floor cracks are dangerous and one of the most severe signs of foundation issues.

Must Smell in the House

The musty smell in the house is an obvious indication of water damage. While water damage can also occur on the roof or in the walls, it can also trickle down to the foundation soon. Water damage can severely impact and weaken your home’s structure. If the musty smell is only in the basement, it indicates water damage in the foundation only.

Sagging Floors, Walls, or Ceiling

Sagging any of your home’s structures is a warning sign of foundation issues. It indicates that the foundation has weakened and is sliding sideways. Therefore, you must never ignore sagging floors, walls, or ceiling as it can quickly lead to the collapse of the entire structure of your house.

Pulled Away Door and Window Frames

It is inevitable for sagging structural elements of your home to not impact the fixtures. An easy way to detect foundation issues is by keeping an eye on window and door frames. Sagging walls can pull away from the door and window frames, leaving gaps between the frames and the wall. This gap, even if tiny, can be easily noticed as it often leads to bugs and insects entering the home.

Similarly, door and window frames, if pulled away from the wall, can crack. So cracked door and window frames are also signs of foundation issues.


Cracked Chimneys

Frequently examining the chimney can also allow you to detect signs of foundation issues early on. Since the chimney is a heavy structural element, any damage to the foundation quickly leads to the chimney sinking or getting cracked.

Fixed Structures Getting Loose

Cabinets, shelves, and sanitary fixtures, and other structures are either fixed along the walls or levelled on the floor. Therefore, noticing their placement can also allow you to notice signs of foundation issues. In the case of foundation problems, the structures and fixtures seem to loosen off the wall or floor. Detachment of these structures from the wall or floor or unexplained cracking of these structures points to foundation problems.

Hire a Professional for Foundation Issues

Call a professional if you notice any of these seven critical signs of foundation issues in your home. Foundation problems can be severely damaging if ignored. Improper repair of foundation problems can also cost you more in the long run. On the other hand, calling a professional will allow you to learn the root cause of your home’s foundation issues and get it repaired thoroughly.