General Masonry Repair

When it comes to masonry, the fine details matter. Especially, with masonry repair. That’s why we’re going to explain about all the different techniques and methods that go into general masonry repair. That way you will have a better understanding of what goes into masonry repairs, how to tell when your own things need to be touched up and can even help you in the future to do it yourself. Also, these are some of the different ways Set In Stone can help you with your masonry problems or projects.


The Basics of General Masonry Repair

A simple definition of general masonry repairs includes fixing any discolored objects, cracking bricks, replacing or fixing aged mortar, or any similar masonry that is losing its visual or structural edge.

While masonry repair are often confused with masonry restoration, the two are very different methods as the latter is a much more involved, lengthy and complex process. Restoration has a bigger emphasis on major if not total replacement.

The Tools and Techniques of Masonry Repair

No mason is complete without his or her toolbox. So, it’s important to have a firm understanding of the tools and techniques that are involved. A mason will typically use a wire brush, at least one chisel, patching compounds, brushes of different sizes, a raking tool, a jointing tool, concrete and caulk. With these and perhaps other tools, masons will often repair indoor or outdoor cracked bricks or exposed brick walls, repair walls suffering from excessive peeling, fortify masonry joints and so on.

Depending on the complexity of the job, the removal of efflorescence can take place as well. This is an important step of the masonry repair and is often best handled by experts as efflorescence is something that needs to be removed from any and all masonry surfaces before any replacement coating is applied.

This is because efflorescence is the result of moisture coming into contact with masonry surfaces. This moisture can cause further damage if it is not removed and is instead coated over, leaving it deeper in the brick or concrete.

Depending on whether the efflorescence is outdoor or indoor and depending on how much of it there is, the mason may choose to use a substance known as muriatic acid to remove it. It is a very corrosive and potent chemical and it should only ever be handled by certified experts who know their general masonry repairs inside and out.

Moisture is often a big problem in masonry repair for degrading masonry surfaces and is probably one of the reasons why your walls may be experiencing severe peeling. This is why getting general masonry repair done during hot and dry seasons, particularly the summertime, is ideal. That means less air and moisture will seep through during any repairs which results in a longer lifespan of your masonry materials. Foundation repairs that are needed can also be caused by some of these common issues.

Another masonry repair to consider is when it comes to cracks in walls, this is more likely the result of settling rather than moisture, but like moisture, it is something that tends to happen over time. It takes a professional mason to decide whether these walls should be given extra structural fortification before they receive their general repairs.

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Contact Set In Stone’s Masonry Repair Services Today

General masonry repairs can range from very simple to very difficult. This is why people need to be careful before they embark on a DIY job as these can sometimes end up revealing bigger problems that will require the help of an expert. Your masonry repair in Rhode Island is covered.

Your repair job may in fact need to be a total restoration job instead, or you may need to resort to waterproof caulking due to a more major moisture issue. The only way to be certain is to talk with the pros.

If your home and its masonry is experiencing any peeling, cracks, excessive moisture, parging or is simply due for a touch-up, feel free to contact Set In Stone Masonry as soon as possible for your masonry repair near Massachusetts.