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Stamped Concrete

stamped concrete walkway

Protect your investment in your stone and stamped concrete hardscape. Set in Stone offers worry-free maintenance among our services and works with the best concrete stains, epoxy and sealants in the industry. Sealants should be applied every year or two and only by trained professionals. Please fill-out the contact form or email us for a free estimate.

Custom Stone Fireplaces & Firepits

custom stone fireplace - outdoor fireplace

A custom stone fireplace or firepit will be the centerpiece of any room or patio. Improve the look of your current fireplace with our custom fireplace designs.

Outdoor Kitchen

custom outdoor kitchen design - builtin grill

Outdoor kitchens can add a whole new level of character and charm to a home. They’re a great way of extending your living space, enjoying good weather, and spending time with your family and friends.


custom outdoor kitchen design - builtin grill

Hardscaping adds aesthetics to your home that give it character and charm. Hardscaping is a vital aspect of landscaping because it can transform an average looking property into a beautiful sight on your property.

Basement Waterproofing

basement waterproofing in rhode island exterior basement waterproofing

Just about any homeowner with a basement will tell you that one of the key concerns of managing their underground rooms is keeping it nice and dry. A wet or damp basement is always a bad thing as this will increase the risk of mold, damaged drainage systems and general water damage on your home’s foundation. This is why basement waterproofing is a very integral part of home maintenance.

Foundation Repairs

foundation repair services rhode island

One of the most important things any home needs is a solid foundation. We offer top notch foundation repair solutions to all residents of Rhode Island. Every home is different, and our professional staff at Set in Stone is well-equipped to deal with your home’s foundation repairs no matter how unique the problem may be.

Masonry Repairs

fieldstone wall

Over time weather takes it tolls on the masonry around your home, especially the fluctuations of warm summers and cold winters here in Rhode Island. Whether you have a rock wall, a custom firepit, landscaping, and more, our expert masons will make the necessary repairs with a professional and experienced touch.

Custom Masonry Projects

Do you have a special project in mind to make an indoor or outdoor space more fun or livable? Contact Set in Stone to discuss your ideas! With more than 30 years of design experience and extraordinary results, Set in Stone is a reliable sounding board and can quickly provide you with services to deliver a quality finished product we know you’ll love.